Outpatient Psychotherapy Services 

       Services:  Individual Counseling 

​       Location of Services -  Office, Home, School, Community, Tele Video

       Ages :  Children/ Adolescents (4-17),  Adult caretakers/family members

       Payment Methods Accepted:  Medicaid (All Healthy LA Plans)

       Services Provided in :  Orleans and Jefferson Parishes 


Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

        Services: Assessment / Treatment Planning, Ind/Family Counseling, Skills Building,  24/7 Mobile
        Crisis Services ,  Medication Management by a Psychiatrist

        Location of Services: Home, School, Community 

       Ages:  Children/Adolescents only (ages 4-17)

       Payment Methods Accepted: Medicaid (All Healthy LA Plans) 

        Services Provided in : Orleans and Jefferson Parishes

Medication Management Services available for our child/ adolescent clients only


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